Hello RE community on stack !

I am a beginner, so please pardon any commonplace errors

I am looking to run CaptureBAT on a Windows 10 VM, to capture network activity of different kinds of Malwares

I specifically need to run CaptureBAT since it is capable of filtering out the noise from Windows' usual services

However, i cannot find any installer on the internet for the utility

I have found a github repository here but i am not quite sure how to compile it

can anyone suggest any good alternatives to CaptureBAT on windows 10 or tell me a method to run this tool on Windows 10 ?

i would be grateful for your kind help

P.S : alternatively i am open to using any other tool, except wireshark, that would help capture network activity of the malicious executable. I am looking forward to the suggestions of this community in this regard

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Alternatively, you can use Microsoft Network Monitor tool to filter the traffic of a specific process.

enter image description here

Archive Download Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=4865

EDIT: Figured out the problem with CaptureBAT, most likely because of it being 32 bit, while win10 is 64 bit.


Really, if all your after is the procmon filters from CaptureBAT, go to the git hub page and download just them. They will be about a decade old, though. I guess they'll give you a start. You can add to them where necessary:



An alternative to CaptureBAT on Windows 10 is FakeNet-NG.

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