I have a problem with API-Monitor.

When I try to capture data (here: network traffic), API-Monitor doesn't log the buffer from the recieved data. For send() it works well, but for recv() it doesn't show the buffer. I really don't know why this is happening. Both buffers reside in a valid memory space before and after the call.

I think its either because API-Monitor doesn't recogonize the size of the buffer and therefore doesn't capture the content or it only monitors const char* types of buffers (idk why but thats the difference between the singature of the two functions).

Here are some images:

enter image description here

it works with send(). It logs all the data that was sent

enter image description here

and here it says "Not Avaliable". Nothing shows up in the buffer-viewer. The return-value ist 5 so we can be sure that actually data was written into the buffer.

  • Well I fixed it by changing the definition of the function. Now I changed the length of the buffer to Length (length of the buffer passed) instead of PostLength (length of the return value). Somehow API-Monitor has a problem when logging a buffer after the call. – Trac3r Feb 9 at 18:15

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