Is there anyway in IDA pro to propagate manually set types of variables to redefine function arguments?

for example lets say IDA thinks Func1 takes 4 int as INPUT, now when i set the type of these 4 variables to something else, i have to again manually do this inside the function as well, and so on.. is there anyway to fix this? i tried reanalyzing but still they didnt propagate

  • It’s not clear at all what you are trying to do. Could you add some code snippets to the question? – Igor Skochinsky Feb 9 at 7:27
  • @IgorSkochinsky lets say i redefine variable v22 in function1 to a new_TYPE, now function1 calls function2 with v22, how can i redefine the definition of funciton2 as function2( new_TYPE a1) automatically? so i dont have to press Y on the function2 name and redifine manually? – Notoriouss Feb 14 at 5:43

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