I have a program (P.exe) with several dependencies (A.dll, B.dll etc). I decompiled and studied B.dll, but at runtime, P.exe is using A.dll. The horizon is updating in ISA view-RIP, but I don't have the decompiler view.

How can I get the decompiled view of A.dll, where the horizon is ?

Using IDA pro 7.5

  • What do you mean by “horizon”? – Igor Skochinsky Jan 26 at 8:08
  • Horizon or RIP, ie., where the execution is located – Soleil Jan 26 at 14:24

One simple way is to take a snapshot of the process memory and then work with it since it includes the modules.

Another is to create a database with all the modules, as described: https://www.hex-rays.com/blog/several-files-in-one-idb-part-3/

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