$ rabin2 -I test.exe
    arch     x86
    baddr    0x400000
    binsz    3229424
    bintype  pe
    bits     32
    canary   false
    retguard false
    class    PE32
    cmp.csum 0x0031d950
    compiled Fri Jun 19 18:22:17 1992
    crypto   false
    endian   little
    havecode true
    hdr.csum 0x0031d950
    laddr    0x0
    lang     c
    linenum  true
    lsyms    true
    machine  i386
    maxopsz  16
    minopsz  1
    nx       false
    os       windows
    overlay  true
    pcalign  0
    pic      false
    relocs   true
    signed   true
    sanitiz  false
    static   false
    stripped false
    subsys   Windows GUI
    va       true

    $ rabin2 -E test.exe
        nth paddr vaddr bind type size lib name

$ radare2 test.exe 
 -- Enhance your graphs by increasing the size of the block and graph.depth eval variable.
[0x0040a5f8]> afll

Can anyone say why there is no output when execute rabin2 -E test.exe and afll ? What should I try next? I am a total beginner, in using radare2/rabin2.


  • 2
    For radare2 you need to do the analysis first, so execute aaa before executing afll. Jan 21 at 18:31
  • Thank you very much @PawełŁukasik . It is working now. Can you please help, also with rabin2 -E command, why the command has no output? Best wishes.
    – XPDIN
    Jan 21 at 20:33
  • 1
    are you sure there are any exports? afll and '-E` in rabin2 are not equivalent commands, to see exports in radare2 execute iE Jan 21 at 21:26

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