recently I have been trying to solve the nobranch7e4 challenge from the HXP CTF 2020 using angr.

My success has been mixed: Even though there is no apparent state explosion I still cannot solve for the flag because for some reason I get an error: Got an unsat result

This is the script I am using (the binary is available at the link mentioned above):

import angr
import claripy
import logging

p = angr.Project("nobranch7e4", auto_load_libs=False)

flag_size = 64
flag_addr = p.loader.find_symbol("flag").rebased_addr

s = p.factory.entry_state(add_options=angr.options.unicorn)

flag = [ claripy.BVS("flag_%d" % i, 8) for i in range(flag_size) ]
for c in flag:
    s.solver.add(c < 0x7f)
    s.solver.add(c > 0x20)

flag = claripy.Concat(*flag)
s.memory.store(flag_addr, flag)

sm = p.factory.simulation_manager(s)

final_state = sm.deadended[0]
final_state.solver.add(final_state.regs.dil == 0)
result = final_state.solver.eval(flag, cast_to=bytes)
print("The flag is", result)

(The goal is to make the program exit with code 0 by patching the memory at flag)

I observed that I am able to solve if I give at least the first 53 characters as known input. For some reasons the same procedure does not work if I assume the last n characters are known (it seems I cannot even solve for only the first character unknown).

I also tried hinting the flag format hxp{...} but that does not work either.

Adding/Removing the constraints (0x20 < c < 0x7f) does not seem to have an effect, too.

Any ideas?

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