Unlike Windbg where you can easily stop, in IDA when i want to pause the debugee and click on suspend, IDA says "IDA is already trying to suspend the process" then most of the times it crashes or takes 50 times more than windbg to just stop, why is this happening? sometimes it even keeps asking me the same question..

attaching to kernel is the same too.. 50% of times it crashes when i click on kernel to attach.. it just gets stucked on refreshing modules ;ost

I'm using IDA 7.5, it was the same with other versions as well.

Is this normal?

I'm using a pipe connection between two VM guests, with this connection string :

  • I have the same problem, it usually happens when I work on vmware I think vmware is the culprit – Kaneki Ken Jun 3 at 20:44

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