after a regular firmware update using devolo-cockpit software, my Devolo dLAN 500 Wifi is bricked. The boot-loader still works and tries to download a firmware using tftp to flash it. This works but I don't have a correct firmware file to flash.

Devolo provides firmware as .dvl file https://www.devolo.de/fileadmin/Web-Content/DE/products/hnw/dlan-500-wifi-powerline/firmware/firmware-dlan-500-wifi-v3-2-0.dvl

Flashing this file using tftp does not bring the device back.

The .dvl has this contents:

67            0x43            uImage header, header size: 64 bytes, header CRC: 0xE7B82CB5, created: 2016-12-12 13:58:31, image size:
                          896258 bytes, Data Address: 0x80002000, Entry Point: 0x801DEB50, data CRC: 0x2F6D8C80, OS: Linux, CPU:
                          MIPS, image type: OS Kernel Image, compression type: lzma, image name: "Linux Kernel Image"

131           0x83            LZMA compressed data, properties: 0x5D, dictionary size: 33554432 bytes, uncompressed size: 2619348 bytes

983119        0xF004F         Squashfs filesystem, little endian, version 4.0, compression:lzma, size: 5436326 bytes, 803 inodes,
                          blocksize: 65536 bytes, created: 2016-12-12 14:25:36

I think the first 67 bytes are some devolo specific contents. So, I extracted the header, the LZMA and the squashfs with dd by skipping the first 67 bytes. Flashing the result does also not work.

  • Spend some time studying the u-boot environment to understand how it boots the kernel, particularly where it is looking in flash. Then find an appopriate kernel entry routine in the firmware. Does this kernel normally produce serial messages during boot? If so you should get some logs during kernel startup even if it fails on finding the filesystem. If not you may need to rebuild the kernel yourself. There's no shortage of options for the AR9331... just make sure you don't wipe out the end partition with the radio details! Dec 30 '20 at 20:26

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