what does this arm instruction means?

LDRB param_1,[r12,r5]=>local_b0

In particular I don't understand the "=>local_b0" part.

Ghidra decompiles it to

local_b0._0_1_ = *(byte *)((int)&local_b0 + iVar1);

but I don't know where the ".0_1" comes from.


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    umh, I'm starting to thinking that part is not part of the instruction but it's a comment from Ghidra telling me where [r12,r5] points...
    – Suxsem
    Dec 21, 2020 at 9:13

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Seems like you've already figured this out, but this is a Ghidra markup. It can be enabled/disabled via Edit -> Tool Options -> Listing Fields -> Operands Field -> Always Show Primary Reference Here's what the help says about the option:

Always Show Primary Reference - Option to force the display of the primary reference on all operands.  If a suitable sub-operand replacement can not be identified the primary reference will be appended to the operand preceded by a "=>" prefix.

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