I have a lot of out of licensed Fortigate90D devices so i want to reuse and run Openwrt/pfsense on them. I have dumped and decoded the bios and got some useful datas, according to datas we can see u-boot.bin, u-boot.bin.cpu2 and fsoc/spi_boot_fsoc.bin images so i want to know how we can extract these bootloader images and so install custom open source projects like OpenWRT, pfsense. fortigate90d_mainboard Any help would be appreciated thanks..

 no_repeat=1�uart=loadb 100000;go 100000
�mbu=sete tftpip;sete myip;tftp u-boot.bin;go 8000000
�crc=crc $fileaddr $filesize�sfwr=sf probe 0;tftp b000000 fsoc/spi_boot_fsoc.bin;sf wrimg b000000 0
�ver=FortiGate-90D (20:14-02.28.2014)

Here is the entire bios dump https://pastebin.pl/view/e641d7a3

Thank you for your help

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