I like to view the path between 2 functions with IDA 7.0.

I have already tried with "function browser" but not work becouse these 2 functions are not linked.

For what I see there is no way to choose multiple functions and see their position in the graph.

There is a way with IDA or other software to show the path between multiple functions ?

Thanks !

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It's a bit complicated but should be possible via the proximity view. You can also try a third party plugin AlleyCat.


Go to the function you know or assume to be higher on the call stack, select the function name and press X or right-click->'Jump to xref...' for a list of direct references. To look for a given function, do that recursively for all the references from the list. A more time-saving method though would be setting two breakpoints in a debugger and logging all the in-between callers.

  • thank you, but in this way I can't see the path of my 2 functions. For what I known IDA don't allow to show the path of x selected functions. But exist some old python plug-in that allow it, but I never used it and I don't known how install it. Dec 11, 2020 at 16:53

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