I'm analyzing a C++ PE binary with its debug symbols using IDA 7.3 w/ the decompiler.

I'm using the HexRaysPyTools plugin to get the xrefs to class fields, but it doesn't show xrefs to virtual functions.

I want to know if there is an existing similar plugin that can build the xref list for calls to virtual functions statically (ie. without running the code).

As far as I can understand the behavior of HexRaysPyTools, it should be trivial to do that as the IDA decompiler already recognize virtual function calls when decompiling, I just need it to store the xref list to virtual functions just as HexRaysPyTools does with member fields.


In fact this is not as “trivial” as one might think.

However there was a plug-in submitted to this year’s plug-in contest that might work:



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