I am currently trying to pick up radare2 but I am struggling on a little hurdle..

I am given a shared library, let's call it shared.so. I managed to perform some static analysis using

$ r2 shared.so
r2> aa
r2> # stuff

However I am in need for dynamic inspection so I wrote a little C program which makes use of some interesting functions inside shared.so

// gcc -o wrapper wrapper.c shared.so
extern void foo(void);

int main(void) {

Eventually I was able to execute it inside radare2 with the following:

$ r2 -d rarun2 program=./wrapper libpath=$PWD

I then skipped past the rarun2 wrapper with a dc and now I am struggling to include the static analysis done previously.. The functions from the library are executing just fine though. I also cannot seem to do any analysis whatsoever on the loaded library, but surely I am missing something (I do not even find the symbols which were used for linking.)

Can someone hint me in the right direction? Thanks.

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