I want to end up in something like the following using idapython to determine if given a specific address there is an xref (without caring where the XREF comes from)

ea_start = #
ea_end = #
for ea in range(ea_start,ea_end):
    if hasXREF(ea):

def hasXREF(addr):
    if [something]:
        return true
        return false

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Take a look at this link: https://www.hex-rays.com/products/ida/support/idapython_docs/idautils-module.html#XrefsTo

You can use the function: XrefsTo(ea, flags=0).

From the description, it Return all references to address ea.

And XrefsFrom(ea, flags=0), which Return all references from address 'ea'

You should have anything for your script now :)

I have an example of a working IDA Python script that you can use as a reference here (It count the number of XrefTo per functions of a binary): https://github.com/GuillaumeOrlando/MalwareAnalysisArtifacts/blob/master/IDA_Scripts/XrefChecker.py.


You can use the flags which are attached to each address and, among other info, store information about whether the address has any xrefs to it.

def hasXREF(addr):        
    return has_xref(get_flags(addr))

BTW, instead of inspecting every address it's better and faster to inspect only head bytes (starts of instructions or data items) which are returned by the idautils.Heads() iterator.

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