I accidently maximized the functions Window and now it is de attached from the main window:
enter image description here

How can I attach it back to be part of the main window? I tried to drag it but it doesn't work. Also re opening IDA didn't help.

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You can reattach your window by placing your mouse on the thin gray bar, as in this screenshot : enter image description here


In your screenshot, you can see a thin strip of gray between the title of the window (Functions window) and the column headers (e.g. Function name). If you hover your mouse in that gray area, it will expand and the title text (Functions window) will appear again, as in the following screenshot:

mouseover on the gray area beneath the title

Once that happens, hold down the left click button and move the window. You will see a number of icons appear around the edges, and in the center of the IDA window, as follows:

after clicking/dragging the gray area

Your first option is to ignore those icons, and drag the window into the area with the tabbed window names (e.g IDA View-A, Pseudocode-A, etc). The window will become an ordinary tab again. This is probably what you want.

Alternatively, you can drag your mouse onto one of the aforementioned icons to get a split-screen view. I recommend playing with them to get an intuitive feel for what the icons do, but here's a textual description:

  • Leftmost/center-left icon : the current tab will now be split into two panes, with the one you dragged in on the left, and the active one on the right
  • Rightmost/center-right icon: ditto, except the one you dragged will be on the right
  • Topmost/center-top icon: the screen is split into two panes; the existing tabs will be in the bottom pane, and the current window will be in the top pane by itself
  • Bottommost/center-bottom icon: ditto, except the one you dragged will be at the bottom

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