The following is taken from a de-compiled iOS app.

Is this a swift method?

Is it objective-c derived?

Why is it showing in IDA as EXPORT?

Can this be patched to return 1?

EXPORT _$s12CloudKit22DataManagerC15isNew5forIDSbSS_tF
__text:00000000000B0EE0 _$s12CloudKit22DataManagerC15isNew5forIDSbSS_tF
__text:00000000000B0EE0                                         ; DATA XREF: __objc_data:00000000001486F0↓o
__text:00000000000B0EE0                 MOV             W0, #0
__text:00000000000B0EE4                 RET
__text:00000000000B0EE4 ; End of function _$s12CloudKit22DataManagerC15isNew5forIDSbSS_tF

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