Is there a way to get the volatile and non-volatile registers from Ghidra's CompilerSpec? For instance, when I look into the ARM.cspec I get the following information:

<register name="r4"/>
<register name="r5"/>
<register name="r6"/>
<register name="r7"/>
<register name="r8"/>
<register name="r9"/>
<register name="r10"/>
<register name="r11"/>
<register name="d8"/>
<register name="d9"/>
<register name="d10"/>
<register name="d11"/>
<register name="d12"/>
<register name="d13"/>
<register name="d14"/>
<register name="d15"/>
<register name="sp"/>
<register name="r1"/>
<register name="d0"/>
<register name="d1"/>
<register name="d2"/>
<register name="d3"/>
<register name="d4"/>
<register name="d5"/>
<register name="d6"/>
<register name="d7"/>

However, I was only able to find an interface to get the input parameters for the individual calling conventions which are also listed in the same file using:

for(PrototypeModel model : program.getCompilerSpec().getCallingConventions()) {
    for(VariableStorage storage : model.getPotentialInputRegisterStorage(program)) {
        System.out.printf("    Register: %s\n", storage.getRegister().toString());

I would like to avoid having my own file which lists the information for all architectures when I can extract it directly from Ghidra.

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