I find a pointer of my health so a function would have made the pointer and put the health in it (tell me if I'm wrong) how do I look for the function?

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    I think there is a language issue because this makes no sense. Can you rephrase? What is "health"?
    – schroeder
    Sep 27, 2020 at 11:51

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Correct me if I'm wrong about my understanding of what you want to achieve: Find a specific memory address in a running application(I assume a game? becuase you're talking about health, so I guess health-points?) If so, have you found the address already in cheat engine? If yes, you can search for strings/values in both Cheat Engine and in Ghidra.

described in this article, Ghidra code analysis

Investigate a String Reference
Figure 13: View string references

Not sure if I understand you correctly. If you want to find a function that edits your player health (and possibly find a static address of for example player class) you can just simply right click the address of health you found, then click Find out what writes to this address. All addresses (in the middle of some function) that written to your health will be listed.

Cheat Engine

You can then copy the address that belongs to some function and inspect the function in for example Ghidra.

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