I am a computer software programmer. I am trying to deal with some basic electronic concepts. I have an onboard TMS320F243 which needs to be cloned.

I currently have the following setup...

  1. I have installed XDS100v2 driver over USB
  2. I have connected the XDS100v2 emulator throughout JTAG connection
  3. I have Code Composer Studio v5 installed ( I also have ver 3.3 installed)

does not exist

Unfortunately F243 does not exist in search.

jtag boot-mode

I need to CLONE contents of one particular TMS320F243

HOW DO I READ contents of one particular TMS320F243 ?

HOW DO I WRITE this content to some other TMS320F243 ?

I don't need to do anything else I just need a backup of my TMS320F243.

I want to ...

  • connect throughout the JTAG connection
  • get data inside TMS320F243 to
  • write it to a file rewrite it to another TMS320F243.

Which software should I use?

Is there simple software just for cloning purposes?

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