I have literally no idea how to start to decode this kind of a file, but I really want these fonts and a decoder would be huge for the community, so any help would be great. Linked below is a google drive folder with the launcher and game exe files and the archive. Are there apps that help with the process of decoding?


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Generic answer:

When you want to unpack/decrypt files like this, the best idea is always to reverse the program that is able to read the file correctly. I think that in Windows operating system the most popular combo for reading files is probably CreateFile and ReadFile api calls. If you track every operation performed on the buffer filled using ReadFile call, you can reconstruct the algorithm that is used to make sense of the bytes stored in the file. You can do it using any debugger like x64dbg, windbg etc.

Answer to your case:

Sometimes it is worth to check if particular format was already reversed by someone. There is a community around a program called QuickBMS that targets unpacking game files. If you open your fonts.pak using hex editor, you can notice the very first bytes equal to PKTB. If you search for a script that can unpack PKTB files on the website, there is one result for a game called Pit People. The game is created by the same manufacturer as your Alien Hominid Invasion.

Quick look on the script: fonts.pak contains 5 files (2 png, 2 bmf(?) and 1 txt). Unfortunately, this quick bms script can't read encrypted filenames (that are probably stored at the very end of fonts.pak, (but you can reverse it by yourself of course) what is funnier the header of the file is xored via key which is scrambled form of string securitythroughobscurity


If you're serious about RE-ing those .EXE files, then take a look into IDA.

IDA https://www.hex-rays.com/products/ida/

There are other applications that work some what, such as Ollydbg

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