I am working on a packed file with UPX.
In one of the lines it calls to the value of the address 0xF5222C which is: 0x778057c0.
enter image description here

The debugger auto-completes it to kernel32.LoadLibraryA.
Where can I verify that this is the address of the function?

I looked at the "Memory Map" tab but all I can see is the address (0x777F000) of the kernel32.dll module:
enter image description here

Is there a place I can view the addrresses of all the functions related to a specific module?

I tried Search for > All Modules > Intermodlar calls:
enter image description here

I searched for LoadLibraryA (address 0x778057c0) but it doesn't find it:
enter image description here


You can either press Ctrl+G and type LoadLibraryA to land at this function address, or if you want to list all the functions from kernel32.dll you can go to the Symbols tab like this:

enter image description here

From there you can view the function address or just double-click "LoadLibraryA" to follow it in disassembler.

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