I'm writing a python script for IDA to automate the deobfuscation of a binary.

After patching with a jmp instruction ida provides the following disassembly:

.text:008FD01E                 jmp     dword_502264+5A5DA0h

rather than showing "jmp loc_..."

If I apply the patch to the input file and renalyze it, the reference is recognized correctly. I tried to use add_cref with no success: it creates the loc_ at the target address but the reference is not present in the operand of the jmp.

I need the correct operand because without it the basic blocks are not connected in the graph view. Moreover this data reference may be confusing.

Edit: I realized that if I add the cross reference once the function is already defined I can see the connection between the basic blocks, but the operand is still wrong

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