I'm currently using radare2 in order to construct a simple CFG, each block/node in that graph is composed of one or more assembly instructions, I wish to estimate the value of specific register or stack position as best as I can.

Few examples:

Example 1:

xor rax, rax
inc rax
; Given these instructions, solve(rax) => 1

Example 2:

mov rcx, 3
mov rbx, rcx
mov rax, rbx
; Given the instructions above, solve(rax) => 3

Example 3:

mov rbx, rcx
mov rax, rbx
; Given the instructions above, solve(rax) => Unknown

Example 4:

mov rdx, 1
shl rdx, 2
add rdx, 3
mov [rsp], rdx
; Given the instructions above, solve([rsp]) => 7

I'm looking for a simple Python example to start with, which either takes opcodes directly or and address and evaluates/solve for specific register/stack position.

I've already looked into some symbolic execution examples, which looks like what I need, but I'm pretty new to this so a simple working example would really help.

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Here is a small angr script that can do so:

proj = angr.Project('...path...')
state = proj.factory.blank_state(addr=0x0804EA9E)
simulation = proj.factory.simgr(state)
ret = simulation.explore(find=0x0804EAA3)

Between the addresses 0x0804EA9E to 0x0804EAA3 I've got mov ecx, 0Ah so I get: <BV32 0xa> from the print.

I know its not much, but as I've said, I'm new. And hopefully this simple script will help others.

Really good resources to start with:

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