I have a program which decompiles in Ghidra to include the line

temp_5f2f2f81bc = *(CPedIntelligence **)(&DAT_000010c0 + (longlong)pCVar2);

temp_5f2f2f81bc is a CPedIntelligence*. pCVar2 is a CPed*, and CPed has a CPedIntelligence* located at offset 0x10c0. So this should decompile as temp_5f2f2f81bc = pCVar2->intelligence;. Is there a way to tell Ghidra "no, pCVar2 should not be cast to longlong?"

I've noticed this occurring other times as well, and it generally seems to be associated with a structure stored in a register (here, pCVar2 is stored in R13). In the function's local variables, though, pCVar2 is listed as being stored in HASH:5f32eb8... The register is never used in the function except as the storage for this CPed*, so if I could forcibly tell the decompiler "this register has this type throughout the entire function" then that'd help. I tried using scripting to create a local variable stored in R13, but the decompiler didn't pick up on it.

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