**The Ontario Driver's License follows the below format:**



  • L is the first letter of your last name

  • X is a numeric encoding of the last name (See Chart 1 below)

  • xxx is a numeric coding of the last name. it appears no one has been able to decipher xxx (At this point in time) Some sort of soundex variation. That being said from my research every last name matching will have the exact same code here. For example, the last name of Smith will always be 778 (or S5778 if you include L & X). If you have access to a number of DL #'s and can pick out a large number of Last name's with their designated codes, you will over time be able to properly track the full driver's license combination.

  • FFF is a numeric encoding of the first name. It follows a similar coding to the first name 3 digits, however, is a totally separate string of numbers. From my research I have found that these 3 numbers will also always be the same on a driver's license of someone matching the same first name. If you have access to collect a large number of first names you will be able to connect those with the collected last name code in order to guess the full proper driver's license # values.

  • M is a numeric encoding of the middle name (See Chart 2 below)

  • YY is the last 2 digits of year of birth

  • MM is the month of birth, ranges 01-12 for males, 51-62 for females (add 50 to the month for females)

  • DD is the day of birth

  • Chart 1

  • 0 - A

  • 1 - B,C,D

  • 2 - E

  • 3 - F,G,H

  • 4 - I,J,K

  • 5 - L,M,N

  • 6 - 0

  • 7 - P,Q,R

  • 8 - S,T

  • 9 - U,V,W,X,Y,Z

  • Chart 2

  • 1 - A

  • 2 - C,D

  • 3 - E,F,

  • 4 - G,H,

  • 5 - J,K,

  • 6 - L,M,N

  • 7 - P,Q,R

  • 8 - S,T,

  • 9 - W

  • 0 - Y,Z,

I still have not found where B,I,O,U,V, or X falls on this chart. If you know anyone whose middle name starts with one of these letters please ask them what the 9th digit of their license is, this will give you that specific value for the chart. Also, I will mention that if a license has no middle name, the 9th digit is always a 0.

I guess at this point I am looking for some additional direction on how digits 3-8 are calculated using an actual formula instead of tracking all possible outcomes as I come across them.

On a side note if anyone needs some explanation on how to decode Quebec License #'s I have some additional information available.

Thanks ahead of time! if

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    I see a fun codegolf challenge once this is decoded... not sure it's right for RE though?
    – mkst
    Aug 19 '20 at 10:30

Chart 2

Code Encode
A 1
B 1
C 2
D 2
E 3
F 3
G 4
H 4
I 4
J 5
K 5
L 6
M 6
N 6
O 7
P 7
Q 7
R 7
S 8
T 8
U 8
V 8
X 9
Y 9
Z 9
  • Where did you find this information or how did you come up with it?
    – 0xC0000022L
    Apr 21 at 22:18
  • Ask few volunteers to crosscheck it and came correct so thought to share.
    – Batak
    Apr 26 at 15:30

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