Got IDA Pro 7.0 (I can't update at the moment), I'm currently unable to use idapython.

I have python3.8 installed on my machine and nothing else (I dont want any collisions).

How can I use make Idapython work without having only 2.7 installed.

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    AFAIK IDA 7.4 is the first version that has Python3 support. If you can't update it that or a newer version and need idapython you have to install Python2.7.
    – Robert
    Aug 16, 2020 at 15:06

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According to this article on the IDA website, you need IDA Pro 7.4 to use Python 3.

Regarding version 7.4, the site says:

When IDA 7.4 is released, it will come with precompiled builds of IDAPython not only for Python 2.7, but also for a variety of Python 3.x versions (we haven't settled for a set of versions yet.) By default, IDA 7.4 will install IDAPython for Python 2.7, but users will have the opportunity to pick an alternative build that runs against their Python 3.x installation.

I have found this porting guide very useful. Using Python 3 with IDA 7.4 is great, and the new API is cleaner in many ways.

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