I am quite new in binary exploitation. I am doing a lot of beginners exercise here. I am confused about ASLR. I tried some binary exploitation thing in Linux. It was recommended that I should stop ASLR in Linux before analyzing the binary. it is the command for that --> echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/randomize_va_space Am I right here? am I turning off my ASLR (randomizing stack addresses)?

But When I did the Windows 10 binary exploitation(vulnserver). I had to put my payload into stack address. And I noticed that the stack address (jmp esp) was constant, not changing. Is ASLR works differently in various OS? I don't know If I am asking a write question. please tell me if you know.

  • Did you check if the binary has /DYNAMICBASE property set? If it is not set then it means that REBASE was opted out while compiling the program itself i.e. ASLR is not being used. – P4cK3tHuNt3R Aug 17 at 6:55
  • how do I check it in windows? – lucky thandel Aug 17 at 10:13

By using this tool from Didier Stevens you've been able to check/set/unset DEP/ASLR characteristics of your file. Check the file like this:

setdllcharacteristics.exe yourfile.exe

If the output said DYNAMIC_BASE = 0 then you can use +d option to enable DYNAMICBASE of your file:

setdllcharacteristics.exe +d yourfile.exe

And you can use -d to unset again.

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