I have a virtualbox virtual machine which is running windows 10 and is running a piece of software (LINE desktop client) which i would like to analyze. Specifically i would like to analyze the traffic from and to the application. The app encrypts the stuff which it sends and also the data is not in a http post request or any other kind of http request (atleast to my knowledge). The app ignores the windows 10 proxy settings completely for some reason, but it has an in-app settings menu where you can set proxy. I tried using it with this: https://github.com/jrmdev/mitm_relay but to no success (it again just ignored the proxy settings in win10), but then i tried using proxifier, which is supposed to force applications to use a specific proxy, but again the app still just sends the data directly to the destination bypassing the proxy. I tried the in app proxy settings, but it My host machine is running linux mint. I am a networking noob so i want a guide on how to do it (aka command by command and task by task). I know i am asking for a lot, but i will be eternally grateful for any help. Thanks in advance!

  • If the traffic is encrypted before it leaves the application, proxy won't help you, you need to reverse or hook the encryption function. In order to sniff the encrypted data you may use software like wireshark – morsisko Aug 9 '20 at 20:50

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