, Hello. to learn reverse engineering, I would like to simply change a string via IDA. I select my string, get the adress, and select Change Bytes to get the Hex value :

enter image description here

After That, I try to convert this Hexa value to string, via this website : https://www.mobilefish.com/services/latin_utf_base64_to_hex/latin_utf_base64_to_hex.php#text_hex_output And the result is not the same,

enter image description here

Do you known how to get the complete Hex value from my string ?

Thanks a lot.


where is the problem the hex bytes Were Converted properly
45 00 =E , 6d 00 == m,......73 00 == s
and that is what is shown in your screen shot

if you need the hex for the complete string select all the bytes of the string

try synchronizing between IDA Hex-View and Ida View windows or try clicking the small down arrow to see if all the bytes are shown in the popup

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