I am using x64dbg and I want to know if there's any way to run the code till next Call statement?

I know there is an "Execute till return" option,

but I want to execute till next call statement or next CMP or any other statements.

Thank you.

  • Okay, So I've found a way to Execute till Call, Open "Trace Over" (CTRL+ALT+F8) and write this break condition: dis.iscall(EIP) What that does is checking if the current statement is a CALL, and if that's true it will break, other wise the code will keep executing.
    – w4po
    Jul 23 '20 at 5:17
  • But Is there a way to bind this to a hotkey or something, or make the trace over remember the condition instead of me setting this condition each click?
    – w4po
    Jul 23 '20 at 5:18
  • The condition is saved in the edit box, just press arrow up. There is also a way to bind a command to a hotkey. TraceOverConditional “dis.iscall(eip)” should work
    – mrexodia
    Jul 23 '20 at 8:48
  • @mrexodia Developer of x64dbg is here :O Thank you so much for the great debugger and awesome support <3 Please write this in an answer instead of comment so I can mark it <3 BTW I can't figure out how to bind TraceOverConditional into a hotkey, I can use it in the command editbox in the bottom like: "TraceOverConditional dis.iscall(EIP) || dis.isret(EIP)" which is a lot better. Thanks so much. <3
    – w4po
    Jul 23 '20 at 13:57

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