At line #9 of a function, I have a variable that points to a RAM Cell. Actually I have a WORD at address E1C4. I would like to know how can I get value of this variable?

I find a location where used for quantify to this address. But I can't understand how I can calculate the real value.

mov     r12, [r0]
mov     r13, [r0+2]
add     r12, r12
addc    r13, r13
bclr    r12.0
mov     [r0], r12
mov     [r0+2], r13
mov     r1, word_E1C4
mov     r2, word_E1C6
cpl     r1
cpl     r2
xor     r12, r1
xor     r13, r2
mov     [r0], r12
mov     [r0+2], r13
jmpr    cc_UC, loc_4314

And, other location where used of E1C4 and I changed to array:

dw   0DBh,  4E0h
dw 0F5E0h, 0FDAh
dw  428Ch,0FAF6h
dw 0E1C4h,0FBF6h
dw 0E1C6h, 44E0h
dw 0F5E0h, 0FDAh
dw  428Ch,0FAF6h
dw 0E1C8h,0FBF6h
dw 0E1CAh,  0DBh

This Code disassemble to an Infinion C166/167 architecture.

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