I am doing some analysis to apk. I the application retrieves from the server an encrypted data and decrypt it in the application and print the data as is. Is there an easy way that i can check with Frida and see where this happens in live the code that transforms from the encrypted to decrypted form instead of checking and digging in the apk itself ?

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    If the app uses standard Java Cipher objects you can trace them using frida. See for example this tutorial: trustedsec.com/blog/… – Robert Jun 29 at 8:05
  • Do you know as well how to intercept all http/https requests ? – Jim Jun 30 at 11:07
  • Objection has some scripts to disable SSL/TLS cert checks on an app. And then simply redirect traffic through a proxy like mitmproxy, Fiddler, Burp, ... – Robert Jun 30 at 11:10

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