I'm trying to break execution when a string is loaded in memory.

I can´t find the string by using the search for -> string references

So I press Alt + M and press Ctrl + B to search my string once is loaded, I can see it. I try to right click on the address and set a hardware breakpoint but the software closes as soon as that string is shown so it doesn't break on the next run.

How can I set a condition so if a string appears a break happens?

I tried shift + F4 like with ollydbg and then I try to create an expression like this UNICODE[EAX] == "myString" but it says invalid expression...

I also tried the same expression using traceInto, but it definitely is not matching for the string, because I can't see it int he dump and even if I compare with a huge string, it doesn't do anything at all.

Any suggestions or ideas?

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