I have been working on finding an overflow in wordpad and i was able to run an exception with an undefined behavior (my point of view). I am using x64dbg (I am not a pro x64dbg) and it shows unexpected HRESULT and almost all registers filled with random values (they dont get filled when a non corrupted file is loaded). I am new to x64dbg and how would I go saying this is vulnerable ? How do I analyze the exception and the behavior ? How do I exploit ? I have so many questions. Please help. The memory dump is too big so it is impossible to identify anything. What steps should I follow ? Sometimes shows unexpected HRESULT on R8 register as well.

enter image description here

  • Please don’t use “x64” as abbreviation of x64dbg, it’s a separate term on its own. – Igor Skochinsky Jun 3 at 18:43
  • @IgorSkochinsky why do registers get random values even tho this is not an overflow ? How do I analyze the exception – turmuka Jun 4 at 10:36
  • why do you think these values are random? – morsisko Jul 4 at 21:38
  • apparently they are not. but why @morsisko – turmuka Jul 11 at 1:32

The exception shown in status bar (CPP_EH_EXCEPTION) is a special exception code used to implement C++ exceptions (throw/catch) and usually does not indicate a bug or vulnerability. In most cases it can be passed to the program which expects it and will handle it.

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