I'm working on an executable. I've searched by string, and found my string appears once in something that looks like table of localized strings + keys. Now I want to find the function which accesses the table and retrieves a localized string. The problem is that the table is big. VERY big. I tried scrolling up until I find XRef, but either I scroll too fast or too slow and I'll never finish. Instead, I'd like for IDA to find the nearest XRef before an address. Is there any way to do that?

P.S. If you're think I'm doing this wrong, please let me know (I'm still a beginner in reverse engineering) - but answer my question too, nevertheless.

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It could be done with a script but for occasional use a text search will do the trick:

  1. Alt-T
  2. String: XREF
  3. [x] Search Up

Because text search looks in whole disassembly, including comments, it should find the line with the text 'xref' in the comment.


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