For my research work, I am needed to get bunch of embedded firmware which is micro controller based and does not depend upon an OS like Linux and thus being solely bare metal. (Yeah! if it's not, I could download many firmware related to routers, printers and IP cameras etc. from the official manufacturers) Our preferred architecture is ARM or AVR. As of now I had found QMK which has a numerous amounts of candidates and looks to be a perfect match for our work. Other than that I also found firmware related to kilobot which again an AVR based firmware.

However, we need to add more breadth to our dataset so that we are covering much more different areas and I would like to find any places that I could grab such firmware dumps. If you know any place to find such a dataset or even a single firmware instance (of course micro controller based & not depending on Linux or other OS) that would be a great help. Thanks for your time :)

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