I am a newbie in python programming for Debugging . I wrote a code for using the function FastLogHook() in immlib but i am not able to figure out the exact problem with my code as it is not working :(

Here is My code

#!/usr/bin/env python

import immlib
from immlib import FastLogHook

DESC = "FastLogHook Basic Demo"

def showresult(imm, a,addr):
if a[0]==addr:
    imm.Log("(0x%08x >> 0x%08x , 0x%08x)%(a[1][0], a[1][1], a[1][2]) ")
    return "done"

def main(args):
imm = immlib.Debugger()
Name = 'fasty'
fast = imm.getKnowledge( Name )

functionToHook = "msvcrt.strcpy"
functionAddress = imm.getAddress(functionToHook)
imm.log(str(functionAddress) + 'pf')
if fast:
    hook_list = fast.getAllLog()
    for a in hook_list:
        ret = showresult( imm, a, functionAddress )
    return"Logged: %d hook hits." % len(hook_list)
fast = FastLogHook(imm)
fast.logBaseDisplacement('ESP', 0x4)
fast.logBaseDisplacement('ESP', 0x8)
imm.addKnowledge(Name, fast, force_add = 1)

return "Success!!"

I am running this code in Immunity Debugger but continuously getting error . I searched , googled but due to the limitation of documentation regarding this I am unable to correct it .


I also just started to learn more about this topic and managed to write down the following lines of code.

I guess all my comments in the code are good enough as answer. I dont know much more then that anyway.

  ' #!/usr/bin/env python

  import immlib
  import struct
  from immlib import STDCALLFastLogHook


  def main(args):

                Will hook and run its own assembly code then return to the process
                Usage: First run the script to install hook, then run it again to get results ^^

        imm = immlib.Debugger()
        Name = "hippie"

        # Get stored data on second script run
        fast = imm.getKnowledge(Name)

        if fast:

                # Get a list of all the things we saved
                hook_list = fast.getAllLog()

                # Log result

                # unpack list
                (func_addr, (esp1, esp2)) = hook_list[0]

                # Log argument

                return "Parsing results done"

        # Find strcpy address   
        strcpy = imm.getAddress("msvcrt.strcpy")

        # Building the hook
        fast = immlib.FastLogHook(imm)

        # This function is required and returns 
        # the address of the original instruction

        # Offset
        fast.logBaseDisplacement("ESP", 4)
        fast.logBaseDisplacement("ESP", 8)

        # Set hook

        # Save data for later use
        imm.addKnowledge(Name, fast, force_add = 1)

        return "FastLogHook installed for strcpy"'
  • Can u tell me what's wrong with my code ?
    – in3o
    Jul 20 '13 at 12:31
  • The line with imm.Log in showresult has typos in it. it should be imm.log("(0x%08x >> 0x%08x , 0x%08x)"%(a[1][0], a[1][1], a[1][2]))
    – user2464
    Jul 20 '13 at 13:03

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