I have binary that run on Arm Thumb cpu, in embedded devive that not running Linux.

When I tried to run bimwalk or file ,and even open it with Ida ,but they didn't find out that this binary run on Arm processor.

I succeed open it with Ida only when I look on the Cpu board and find out this is Arm.

Is there any tool(without look on Cpu board) that can find out know which processor is for to binary?

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Binwalk has this feature but you need to enable it explicitly:

-A, --opcodes

Scan target file(s) for common executable opcode signatures

A project which explicitly tries to determine an architecture of a given binary is cpu_rec from Airbus.

Please note that both solutions can only handle a small set of processors: binwalk has a short list of hardcoded opcode sequences and cpu_rec relies on a small corpus of training files. If your binary uses unusual instructions or processor it might be not recognized.


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