Reverse engineering some Automotive CAN data and the CRC is getting me. 8 bytes per message, with Byte 0 being the CRC. Byte 1 & 0xF contains a counter [0x0 to 0xF]. The rest of the message is data.

I've tried running lines of data through various CRC calculations but getting nowhere fast. Any help would be appreciated. csv on the link below

I've been running lines of this through reveng and getting the odd match but it's a bit hit and miss


Data here is: ID,B0,B1,B2...,B7 in Hex

40F8000000C0000000 409C010000C0000000 4030020000C0000000 4054030000C0000000 4047040000C0000000 4023050000C0000000 408F060000C0000000 40EB070000C0000000 40A9080000C0000000 40CD090000C0000000 4061100000C0000000 4005110000C0000000 4016120000C0000000 4072130000C0000000 40DE140000C0000000 40BA150000C0000000

Thanks in advance, D

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    please paste some examples in the question body so we don't rely on an external file which may be gone at some point – Igor Skochinsky Apr 21 at 8:48
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    What CRC versions/polynoms have you already tried? Wikipedia has a nice lists of CRCs and the used polynoms: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… – Robert Apr 21 at 13:09
  • Are you sure there is actually a CRC? There’s an awful lot of zeros in these samples – Igor Skochinsky Apr 22 at 21:05

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