So this is a problem I'm facing when solving pwn CTF challenges

i usually need to give many inputs for a program to reach certain point every time i restart it

i tried to do it like this, by putting the inputs line by line in a file and giving it to IDA as suggested by other questions here :

linux_server < myInput.txt


cat myInput.txt | linux_server

but didn't work and the program just keeps receiving inputs in an infinite loop for some reason, tried to use the parameters in the IDA settings but didn't work.

I was wondering is there an easy way to give IDA multiple answers when remotely debugging with a linux server?

for example lets say program asks three questions:

q1 : answer1

q2 : answer2

q3 : answer3

so i give it all three answers every time i restart the program automatically so it goes where i want it to go, what is the easiest way?

ALSO a side question: how to give the program a binary input like \x41 without piping anything into it, and give the input exactly when its asking me to in the middle of the program?

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