I am unable to set a breakpoint in IDA 6. I have tried pressing F2 , but it did not work. Also, the breakpoints buttons on the toolbar are all disabled. What's the problem?

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    Also, make sure you have a debugger selected. You need to choose one, e.g. WinDBG, before adding a breakpoint, at least in 6.x.
    – JamalS
    Commented Jul 23, 2014 at 8:30

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Not all views of IDA offer breakpoints. You should be able to set breakpoints on certain views, for example IDA View. Other views do not offer breakpoints and automatically disable them. Such views include, but not limited to Hex View, Structures, Enums, Imports, and Exports.

This is how the process of setting breakpoints is described in IDA-Pro Book:

Breakpoints are set in IDA by navigating to the location at which you want execution to pause and using the F2 hotkey (or right-clicking and selecting Add Breakpoint). Addresses at which breakpoints have been set are highlighted with a red (by default) band across the entire disassembly line. A breakpoint may be removed by pressing F2 a second time to toggle the breakpoint off. A complete list of breakpoints currently set within a program may be viewed via Debugger->Breakpoints->Breakpoint List.


Also, as a super basic thing to check, verify that you are currently connected to a remote debugger. :) I've made that mistake before. Shut down the remote debugger and forgot about it!

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