I'd like to reverse engineer my usb beer-can refrigurator, which does connect via USB on windows and via simple GUI tray-tool can set/query temperature.

I was thinking about running virtualboxed driver and capturing usb communications via wireshark and usbmon interface.

Anyone know of handy guide/tools that would help me reverse engineer this and possibly write simple userspace tool / driver?


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VMWare can capture USB traffic between the device and the VM. A VMWare engineer even made an open-source tool for analyzing and visualizing USB logs - Virtual USB analyzer.

enter image description here

Alternatively, a tool for converting VMWare logs to .pcap for analyzing in Wireshark is available from Sogeti.


Matt Cutts wrote a series of blog posts outlining the general approach of reverse-engineering a USB device and getting it working with linux, and explaining how he did this for a USB controlled toy missile launcher. You may find them a useful starting point.

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