When I start cheat engine while game is running, the game crashes nearly immediately with error: "Exe does not work anymore."

To figure out which checks the game does on processes I created a fake cheat engine (winapp) and played a little bit with it. I discovered that if the process name, parent folder name or window name contains the string "cheat engine" the game will crash. Therefore I opened the cheat engine exe with a hex editor and replaced "cheat engine" with something different. But the game still crashes when cheat engine opens/is running...

What else can I try? So cheat engine is open source:

  1. Might I just change something in the source and recompile? If yes, what should I change?

  2. Rewrite cheat engine as dll (is that even possible?) and inject it to game. I already played around with dll injection and it does not bother the game at all. Will the game check itself?

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