An application I am debugging somehow manages to clear my hardware breakpoints. I am using TitanHide and x64dbg.

I am observing the following behaviour:

  • When placing the first hw breakpoint, it is hit only once - still appears visible in x64dbg but I guess it is disabled in reality and x64dbg doesn't know that.
  • When placing another breakpoint, the first breakpoint is hit exactly once.

I am not sure what causes this obscure behaviour, but what I do know is that my hardware breakpoints are not getting hit, so I researched what could possibly clear them. I have come up with:

  • ZwSetInformationThread to hide the thread from the debugger.
  • SetThreadContext to reset the debug registers .
  • Installing a vectored exception handler, cause an exception deliberately, and modify the context from there

However all 3 methods should be caught by TitanHide, and exceptions should show up in the log of x64dbg (which they don't). Are there any further methods to clear hardware breakpoints?

  • Are you sure that the instruction on which you set the HW breakpoint is actually being executed? The program may detect a HW breakpoint (using GetThreadContext and reading debug registers). The program may then behave differently.
    – Yotamz
    Mar 3, 2020 at 9:11
  • @Yotamz possible, I'll check
    – Whosdatdev
    Mar 3, 2020 at 13:58

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This turned out to be a mixture of hardware breakpoint related bugs in x64dbg (which are fixed by now), and a driver denying access to some threads of the target application (meaning the hardware breakpoint could not be set on those). If you encounter this, I suggest updating and checking OpenThread permissions, as x64dbg fails silently here :/

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