I'm trying to load a Foretrex 601 firmware into IDA pro (fw_all.bin)

But I have no idea how to do so since is a ARM architecture and it not drag&drop like x86/x86 arch.

The GCD file can be downloaded here

And you can extract the firm using RNG_Tool or gcd-parser.

I found this thread but i have no idea what to put in those fields :

And obviously, it leads to ... this

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    IDA does detect ARM binaries, if the file is really one. But usually a firmware is not a plain binary. Hence you have to first check: 1. is the firmware encrypted and/or compressed? 2. Does the firmware contains a file-system (-> mount and extract single file/binary from the image). Hence I would first check what binwalk outputs on your image file. – Robert Mar 1 at 13:20

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