How can I create a reference for an indirect branch instruction

blx r0

so that the call to the address stored in r0 shows up in the graph?

I've tried flagging the target (function), but that does not get picked up automatically. Do I need to re-start analysis for the function somehow (how?)?

  • Can you share the binary and the relevant offset so we can have a better look? :) – Megabeets Mar 7 at 11:53
  • @Megabeets Sorry, I mustn't... and I have put the project on hold for now. But isn't it kind of a general question anyway (telling radare2/Cutter explicitly how to interpret instructions/data)? – handle Mar 7 at 12:12
  • is it on debug mode? otherwise, if you want radar to figure what's the future value of a register it isn't trivial. But I think that some emulation configurations will be helpful. Try enabling "asm.emu" and "emu.str" and see if this data is available in the comments :) – Megabeets Mar 7 at 12:16
  • Other than that, I suggest looking at the "ax" command and it's subcommands. For example "ax [addr] [at]" will define a code xref – Megabeets Mar 7 at 12:18
  • @Megabeets Thank you, if/when I revisit the project, I'll give that a try. – handle Mar 7 at 12:42

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