I am reversing some Motorola 9s12 (68hc12) code and using IDA pro. I am having the strangest issue.

The code makes a call to a function:

ROM:B300                 call    $BFF7, #$FE

when I go to the function and make it a function with the P key (auto analysis does not pick this up as a function)

ROM:BFF7 sub_BFF7: ROM:BFF7 ldab #$46 ; 'F' ROM:BFF9 stab byte_3C ROM:BFFB clrb ROM:BFFC clra ROM:BFFD rtc

IDA fails to insert the function name (in this case sub_BFF7) into the original call.

What am I missing here?

The original call still reads:

ROM:B300 sub_B300:
ROM:B300                 call    $BFF7, #$FE

Somehow the XREF'ing is not working.

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probably it's some bug in 68k processor module of IDA. What you can do is create the script which will find all call instructions and create xrefs properly.

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