When I press "G" in the CPU view of the debugger I often get the following screen:

Use Graph command or menu action to draw control flow graph here...

In what cases can this error message happen? Obviously I can't yet give an exact way to reproduce it, I'm curios what to look for next time when I encounter such an issue. Is it from my side because I did not enable or did not care about something?

Do you also sometime encounter such a message?

  • I believe that you actual issue is the Trace finished after 5000 steps in the bottom left corner – macro_controller Feb 4 at 15:39
  • Yes, it's finished, stopped somewhere and I wanted to check where I am in the current graph. Is that an invalid usecase? @macr0controller – original.roland Feb 4 at 17:45
  • Please report an issue with clear reproduction steps and the binary you used. When in the CPU view, pressing G should graph at your current selection. – mrexodia Feb 6 at 6:46

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