I have a variable called var_14h in disassemble code. I want to rename this variable. I try to rename the variable by using the following

afvn var_14h i

However, radare complains and returns an error:

Cant find var by name

When i just execute afv the variable is listed:

var int64_t var_14h @ rbp-0x14

I've tried to refer using rbp-0x14, [var_14h], however, nothing seems to work. What am i missing?

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I think the order of names changed a while ago but if you're using latest from git (which you should) the order is reversed

[0x00005850]> afv?
Usage: analyze function arguments/locals
| afvn [new_name] ([old_name]) rename argument/local
| afvt [name] [new_type] change type for given argument/local
| afv-([name]) remove all or given var

So in your case afvn i var_14h.

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