My IDA Pro Strings window shows no strings. It's not loading - it just detects no strings. However, littered all over this large binary are many strings that IDA Pro actually does pick up, but only visible in the graph/assembly viewer. These strings that I see are indeed ASCII and not Unicode strings, and they appear to comply with IDA Pro Strings' default string requirements (they are not like super long or very short for example). The file is over 100MB and yet zero strings are detected in the window.

Furthermore, I went ahead and reset my strings window filter settings; still nothing. Last but not least, in the assembly viewer, I've found long "Strings" of db char db char db char where I've pressed ALT+A and selected "C Style String" - the string is then converted to a proper C-Style String in the assembly/graph window but still does not appear in the Strings window. My only last guess could be that IDA thought there were too many strings due to the file size and decided to just not run the strings algorithms??

Environment: IDA Pro v7.1 File: ARM Little-Endian 32 bit Type: Firmware

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